1 Jun

Go Barefoot Day

Feet aching after a long week? Today is the day to kick off your shoes. It's National Go Barefoot Day! Embrace the beginning of the summer season and join people across the country in this shoe-free celebration.


Shoes are the worst invention ever. Am I right? Sure they protect your feet from the elements, dangerous terrain, potential infection and hide your weird pinky toe with its awkward nail. But whatever. Who needs them? Gotta let your dogs breath some.


Oh, God, was that a rusty nail?!

Whether you're at work or not, find a way to rebel against shoes, be it running barefoot through the grass and pampering your feet, kicking off your shoes under your desk at work when your boss isn't looking. Go ahead, feel a little earth between your toes. Nobody can judge you today. 


The internet has a lot of pictures of bare feet.

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