Blah.  Just blah.

Blah. Just blah.

So here’s the thing.  About this year’s Super­bowl.  And let me pref­ace this by say­ing that the Steel­ers real­ly played with my heart this year because they were like, real­ly ter­ri­ble but then they kind of got it togeth­er and then they did real­ly well for like 3 weeks and I got real­ly excit­ed because I thought they were gonna like, ride that momen­tum all the way to the bank.  And it didn’t hap­pen.  So I’m kind of over foot­ball for this sea­son.  Despite the fact that I real­ly enjoy watch­ing foot­ball, there’s real­ly no way to dis­guise the fact that I’m a fenc­ing nerd and at the end of the day, if it’s not my home team, I’m pret­ty much not inter­est­ed.

Artists rendering of me when the Steelers lost.

Artist’s ren­der­ing of me when the Steel­ers lost.

So any­way, about this year’s Super­bowl.  First of all, the Patri­ots are prob­a­bly cheat­ing cheaters who should just go home and think about what they have done.  Also, Bill Belichick = yuck.  So I’m half or quar­ter-heart­ed­ly root­ing for the Sea­hawks.  (What even is a Sea­hawk?  An osprey?  Are you talk­ing about an osprey?  Or a Stellar’s Sea Eagle or some­thing?  I don’t know.)  Also, Chris Evans is a Patri­ots fan and has been hav­ing an adorable Twit­ter fight with Chris Pratt about the Super­bowl, so that’s fun.

He's the cutest.

He’s the cutest.

But we all know what the actu­al draw of the Super­bowl.  We do.  It’s the com­mer­cials.  Super­bowl com­mer­cials are total­ly awe­some and are the best thing on tv on Super­bowl Sun­day.  Sor­ry, Steel­ers, even your Super­bowls.

And yes, before you ask, it’s fine if you get lost in the Youtube rab­bit hole that is com­mer­cials.  Enjoy.

So any­way, in sum­ma­ry.  Boo to the Patri­ots, meh to the Sea­hawks, yay to Chris­es Evans and Pratt, and dou­ble yay (or dou­ble yoi, if you prefer) to the Super­bowl com­mer­cials.  Can’t wait!

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