That's me in the middle. Wearing one earring.

Oh Josh Brolin, you will always be Corey from the best skate movie ever made. Thrashin, 1986.

oh josh.

Robert Rusler

Douchey Weird Science Version.

Because didn't everyone have skate gang fights with weapons?  I had a huge thing for Robert Rusler,  who was also in Weird Science as RDJ's douchey friend. And Now he looks like Huey Lewis! It's WEIRD! Oh aging.  And then there was Gleaming the Cube which was only cool because Tony Hawk was Christian Slater's stunt double. The trailer is HILARIOUS: Oh, the excitement of a freshly paved street, the thrill of a fresh curb to wax, the smell of a new deck, the inability to let go of the old one, the rush of landing your first kick flip, the disappointment of never getting better than that,  the awkwardness of pretending you can totally do lots of other tricks.   It was my favorite thing in the world to get a new CCS catalogue and see the new decks from my favorite companies, Element, Girl, Alien Workshop, Plan B, Black Label and circle my favorites as if I could have them all. I got my favorite t-shirt from that catalogue, the Girl brand logo. The logo was bigger on the one I had, this is the closest image I could find:

My first wheelz

Just seeing these images again makes me all aflutter! And no, I didn't use that word when I was skating. I can't remember what brand of deck I had because it was a hand-me-down whose art had been ground off over the years. It was given to me by a skate god, Straight Edge Scotty Zorn. Scott and his friend Steve (sounds like a gay porn) were legends. I think I was 12 or 13 and they were 18 when I first saw them skate. When Scott saw my interest he gave me one of his old decks and at first I just drueled on it a lot.  I eventually got my first set of wheels from Spitfire and some hand-me-down trucks and I was ready. The first thing I did was something I would never in a million years do today; I rode down the hill that I lived at the top of, going a million miles an hour, hit gravel, got thrown straight into the pavement, loved it, got up and did it again. I had stones in my knees for weeks. Remember when injuries were a badge of honor? And now I whine endlessly when I get a splinter.  I'm pretty annoying.  Scott also gave me my first few skate tapes that I still have on VHS. My brother and I would watch them and then go skate in the driveway. We found whatever we could to jump over, but I think a laundry basket was what we mostly used. And by we I mean my brother, because I could never make it. I became so obsessed with learning how to do a kick flip but never learned how to do one while moving, which, you know, is kind of the point. My calves would be so sore from hours of trying them in my garage at night.

The City Kids

I became friends with some skate kids called the borough boys and they would pick me up to go skate at the Plaza. These are some of my fondest memories.  Sometimes we would go downtown to skate with the "city kids", they were oh so seemed like that was the only world they lived in, like they didn't go to school or have parents. They just skated. We would congregate at the gazebo and they would jump off of it mid trick. Some of my favorite downtown memories are during winter; we would go to the parking garages and spend hours and hours there until we lost track of time, lost track of day or night. Oh to be young! Random side story but not actually that random...the shirt I'm wearing in the pic to the right-the Borough
Boys pic--here's the story behind it. Gather round chillins. In 8th grade on a "Jeans Day " Friday ay my Catholic school, I cried and cried because I didn't want to go to school. I didn't want to go  because I got made fun of for the clothes I wore--I was basically a tomboy and wore skater clothes. So, my mom drove me to my favorite skate shop and we bought that shirt because it said " You Can't Bring Me Down" and I went to school feeling so good, and have forever thanked my mother for it.

Ok. Sap time over. Go skating. Watch some Rodney Mullen and get your mind blown. Don't be afraid to break a couple bones. (Unless you don't have health insurance. Then maybe just cruise a lil bit down a nicely paved road.) Here's to youth, and to Scott Kershner, the hubby of the owner here at KU, who is the coolest 42 yr old I know. Not only does he have great war stories of his wilder days on wheels, AND the coolest collection of shoes, but he built a RAMP in his back yard. Scott, I need a dad, you need a daughter. Let's do this.

Downtown Gazebo

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