If ol' Charlie here freaks you out, you may have automatonophobia.

Ok, yes.  Ventriloquists' Dummies frequently are extremely creepy.  Being a ventriloquist, though, is really cool.  Did you know ventriloquism (Yeah, try typing it in less than three seconds.  Go ahead, I'll wait.)  was considered a form of prophecy in ancient Greece and Rome?  The oracle at Delphi was a ventriloquist.  Except she didn't use a puppet, I guess?

ANYWAY, the third week of July (7/13 - 7/19 this year) is National Ventriloquism Week and that's pretty awesome.  Ventriloquy, dummy-creepiness notwithstanding, is a really impressive performing art.  Plus, on the non-creepy end of things, there are adorable puppets like Lambchop and Blue-eyed Goose!

So enjoy these videos, and get your puppet on during National Ventriloquism Week!

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