Aw yiss.  So proud.

Aw yiss. So proud.

So as a Geek, I understand the need for Geek Pride Day (May 25th every year.  To commemorate the release of Star Wars, obviously.)  There's a weird stigma associated with being a geek.  And while there's room for a ton of discussion about where that comes from and while said discussion and investigation would be totally fascinating (geek alert), I'm going to go ahead and wildly oversimplify and say that what it really comes down to is a 1950s-style rejection of bookishness.  So it's important, even in this geek-forward era, to celebrate all the obscure cultural touchstones and unusual obsessions that make us who we are.

Man, speaking of Geeks...

Man, speaking of Geeks...

For whatever reason (for a bunch of reasons, actually), there's something about the pale, bespectacled geek image that some people really abhor.  This is sad for them, because some of the best people I have ever met have been pale and bespectacled.  And while their interests may not have been the same, the tan, Lacoste-wearing, country-clubbing set who (proverbially) abhor them are just as geeky.  They're just geeky about different things, like tennis and sailing and football.

That's kind of the thing about being a geek: almost everyone is one about something.  All of us have things that we're interested in and passionate about.  That's all being a geek is, really.  So whether you're a classical, comics-toting, computer-screen-in-the-dark-reading geek or an unusual, outdoorsy, sports-oriented geek, or some unholy combination of the two or any of the myriad others, be proud today and every day!  Geek Pride!  Woo!

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