Aw yiss.  So proud.

Aw yiss. So proud.

So as a Geek, I under­stand the need for Geek Pride Day (May 25th every year.  To com­mem­o­rate the release of Star Wars, obvi­ous­ly.)  There’s a weird stig­ma asso­ci­at­ed with being a geek.  And while there’s room for a ton of dis­cus­sion about where that comes from and while said dis­cus­sion and inves­ti­ga­tion would be total­ly fas­ci­nat­ing (geek alert), I’m going to go ahead and wild­ly over­sim­pli­fy and say that what it real­ly comes down to is a 1950s-style rejec­tion of book­ish­ness.  So it’s impor­tant, even in this geek-for­ward era, to cel­e­brate all the obscure cul­tur­al touch­stones and unusu­al obses­sions that make us who we are.

Man, speaking of Geeks...

Man, speak­ing of Geeks…

For what­ev­er rea­son (for a bunch of rea­sons, actu­al­ly), there’s some­thing about the pale, bespec­ta­cled geek image that some peo­ple real­ly abhor.  This is sad for them, because some of the best peo­ple I have ever met have been pale and bespec­ta­cled.  And while their inter­ests may not have been the same, the tan, Lacoste-wear­ing, coun­try-club­bing set who (prover­bial­ly) abhor them are just as geeky.  They’re just geeky about dif­fer­ent things, like ten­nis and sail­ing and foot­ball.

That’s kind of the thing about being a geek: almost every­one is one about some­thing.  All of us have things that we’re inter­est­ed in and pas­sion­ate about.  That’s all being a geek is, real­ly.  So whether you’re a clas­si­cal, comics-tot­ing, com­put­er-screen-in-the-dark-read­ing geek or an unusu­al, out­doorsy, sports-ori­ent­ed geek, or some unholy com­bi­na­tion of the two or any of the myr­i­ad oth­ers, be proud today and every day!  Geek Pride!  Woo!

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