The sound of kernels being popped, the candy, the bright lights, the posters, the over-priced concession products. Yes, it's the movie theater!

Going to the movies has always been a kind of magical experience for me. Being able to put everything on hold for two hours while letting a suspension of disbelief take me anywhere from Middle Earth to A Galaxy Far, Far Away, is for me, the ultimate, kick-ass storytelling experience. That is unless you get a totally stinker of a movie. I know what you're thinking, "How can I prevent such a catastrophe from happening?". Keep calm. It just so happens that there are books that can help you! Did I say books? I did. Turns out there are books about movies, and they can help you decide what movies will change your life forever, and which movies will cause your eyes to bleed. Since there's a lot of middle ground between those two things you'd better pick up the book.

Turns out books and movies go together way more then I thought. Surprised? As was I. Not only are some movies based on popular books cough* The Hunger Games, Drive, Twilight, Eragon cough*. Some books are even about a movie that was based on book. After you re-read that last sentence and wrap your brain around it let me show you what I mean. For instance...

Harry Potter reminds me of yet another great part about going to the theater to see a movie. If it's popular enough, you get to see the hard-core fans donning their character costumes. These people make living worth it. But where would one acquire such articles of clothing? Look no further.

Sure, people in costume are fun to look at, but it's not the most eye-catching spectacle at a movie theater. That title is going to have to go the movie poster. Again, I'm a total sucker for movie posters and have spent more money acquiring them then I'd like to think about. Worth it? Probably not. Does it make my room look cool? Absolutely. Does it get me laid? So far no, but maybe the right girl hasn't seen them yet. Ladies.....

It's actually quite amazing how movie posters have evolved over the years. What's that? We have a book on movie posters! You've gotta be kidding me.

What's left to say about movie theater? Only the best part of a movie. The trailers. I don't know about you but I hate being late for a movie because I love watching the trailers. It's every one's opportunity to see what comes next, then instantly turn to your friend and make snide comments. And just to save you some time here's a trailer that covers all the bases.

I'm going to see a movie today and you should to! So grab your credit card (you'll need it), buy some popcorn, turn off your cell phone, sit back and enjoy the show.

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