Halloween costume contest-full bars-2

Hal­loween is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER, guys!!
Do you know what that means??? It means it’s time for COSTUMES!

Here at Kards, we are kind of huge fans of dress­ing up in awe­some cos­tumes. This year, we’re invit­ing you all to share your own cos­tumes with us for chances to wins spooooooky prizes!

Here’s the deal: 
You put on a super rad cos­tume.
You take a pic­ture post it to Face­book or Insta­gram and tag @Kards Unlim­it­ed. Include #KUIs­Spooky!
You get all your friends to like your pic­ture!!
There will be two win­ners: The play­er with the most points, and the Staff Favorite. Impress us.

Point sys­tem:
1 like = 1 point
1 share = 5 points
Adorable pet in cos­tume includ­ed in pic­ture = 10 points
Pic­ture tak­en IN the store = 15 points
Pic­ture tak­en with a celebri­ty that you ran­dom­ly found on the street = 50 point

You can enter as many pho­tos as you want, but only one of your pho­tos can win, so choose wise­ly!
Good Luck!

So, what do you think?