Halloween costume contest-full bars-2

Halloween is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER, guys!!
Do you know what that means??? It means it's time for COSTUMES!

Here at Kards, we are kind of huge fans of dressing up in awesome costumes. This year, we're inviting you all to share your own costumes with us for chances to wins spooooooky prizes!

Here's the deal: 
You put on a super rad costume.
You take a picture post it to Facebook or Instagram and tag @Kards Unlimited. Include #KUIsSpooky!
You get all your friends to like your picture!!
There will be two winners: The player with the most points, and the Staff Favorite. Impress us.

Point system:
1 like = 1 point
1 share = 5 points
Adorable pet in costume included in picture = 10 points
Picture taken IN the store = 15 points
Picture taken with a celebrity that you randomly found on the street = 50 point

You can enter as many photos as you want, but only one of your photos can win, so choose wisely!
Good Luck!

So, what do you think?