He’s the hap­pi­est, friend­liest vam­pire ever.

I think I’ve delin­eat­ed my feel­ings about children’s tele­vi­sion pret­ty clear­ly on this blog.  The short ver­sion is that I am in love with PBS and all it delight­ful­ly edu­ca­tion­al and adorable pro­gram­ming.  And one of the pow­er­hous­es in both adora­bil­i­ty and edu­ca­tion­al­i­ty is Sesame Street.  Seri­ous­ly, is there a bet­ter way to teach chil­dren to count than with a pur­ple vam­pire-type guy with a sweet East­ern Euro­pean accent?  I sub­mit that there is not.

Plus he has pet bats named Grisha, Misha, Sasha, and Tattiana. Yes.

Plus he has pet bats named Grisha, Misha, Sasha, and Tat­tiana. Yes.


That’s why today, Octo­ber 9th, is so impor­tant!  It’s the birth­day of Count von Count!  Aka The Count!  Ah ah ah!  The Count was always one of my favorite char­ac­ters on Sesame Street as a kid.  For one thing, he had a cape, which obvi­ous­ly enhanced his awe­some­ness.  Plus, he had a sweet accent!  What’s not to love?




I still love all those things about the Count, plus I also love that all his songs have this great Roma vibe that is total­ly rock­in’.  Basi­cal­ly the Count is a guy to cel­e­brate.  So make sure you keep care­ful count of your cel­e­bra­to­ry drinks in his hon­or tonight!  (Thir­teen!  Thir­teen shots!  Ah ah ah!)

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