Hans. Flipping. Christian. Andersen. Everyone who grew up watching Disney movies (a.k.a. everyone ever) owes this man a big fat thank-you.  His stories laid the groundwork for many an animated film, and numerous modern authors draw their inspiration from his prolific works (e.g. Lewis Carroll, Beatrix Potter, and A. A. Milne, among others).  In appreciation of everything he has done for us, here is a painting of the beautifully creative man known as H.C.A.  I do not think it would be entirely inappropriate to kiss his forehead through your computer screen.  I've done it several times already.

HCA Portrait

Pucker up, cutie.

So just which stories has H.C.A. written?  Perhaps the most famous one is "The Little Mermaid," and OH, WHAT A COINCIDENCE - that happens to be my second favorite Disney movie (the first being Beauty & the Beast, and on a side note: anyone who ranks Aladdin in their top three Disney movies is a fart face; however, I'll allow top five).  H.C.A. also wrote "The Ugly Duckling" (not a Disney movie - YET) and "The Snow Queen," which served as inspiration for last year's Frozen.  Speaking of Frozen, has anybody been following the controversy?  It's a pile of crazy sticks, but still pretty amusing.


Cursed or born with it? Answer: BORN THIS WAY.

Other stories that Disney has robbed from H.C.A. include "The Emperor's New Clothes" (wait, wait, wait - let's set the movie in ancient PERU instead of Europe, and then it's like the idea was ours to begin with...MUAHAHAHA), "Thumbelina" (the subject of a 1994 animated film only dumb people saw), and "The Steadfast Tin Soldier," which was included in Fantasia 2000, and even I have to admit was pretty expertly animated.


Admittedly, I had a long-standing crush on this little tin soldier. WHAT CAN I SAY? I LOVE A TOY IN UNIFORM.

In honor of Andersen's birthday on the 2nd of April, the powers that be have also designated this day as International Children's Book Day. Clearly the best way to celebrate this holiday is to grab a children's book, grab a child (preferably one you know), and start readin'.

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