What is there to say about Hannibal Lecter?  He's one of the greatest villains/antiheroes of all time and may have been the best role ever played by Sir Anthony Hopkins.  Charming, sophisticated, ruthless, and almost pure evil, Lecter just has that certain something that makes you root for him even as he's, you know, disemboweling people and stuff.  Man, I hope that's not just me...

The most recent iteration of the good doctor is played by Mads Mikkelsen in NBC's Hannibal.  (Man, how perfect is the name Mads for someone playing a psycho killer?)  I unfortunately haven't seen any of that yet (get on it, Netflix!), but I'm sure it's awesome, because it's Hannibal freaking Lecter.  Also because Mads Mikkelsen kind of rocks.


Look at that guy. The picture of poise and grace.

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