March 14th is Einstein’s birth­day and he seems like he was a real­ly cool dude. Look at some of the insight­ful things he’s said that are STILL TRUE TODAY.

Every­thing is determined…by forces over which we have no con­trol. It is deter­mined for the insect as well as for the star. Human beings, veg­eta­bles, or cos­mic dust—we all dance to a mys­te­ri­ous tune, intoned in the dis­tance by an invis­i­ble piper.”

The impor­tant thing is to not stop ques­tion­ing. Curios­i­ty has its own rea­son for exist­ing.”

Do not wor­ry about your dif­fi­cul­ties in math­e­mat­ics; I can assure you that mine are still greater.”

All my life I have dealt with objec­tive mat­ters; hence I lack both the nat­u­ral apti­tude and the expe­ri­ence to deal prop­er­ly with peo­ple and to car­ry out offi­cial func­tions.”

There is only one road to human great­ness: through the school of hard knocks.”

I do not play games…. There is not time for it. When I get through with work, I don’t want any­thing that requires the work­ing of the mind.”

The val­ue of an edu­ca­tion in a lib­er­al arts col­lege is not the learn­ing of many facts, but the train­ing of the mind to think some­thing that can­not be learned from text­books.”

Science - Physics - Albert Einstein

Now that we have that out of the way, a few tid­bits about Ein­stein. He was born in Ger­many in 1879, but moved around a bunch in his life and spent the end of his life in Prince­ton, NJ. Go Amer­i­ca! He was reject­ed from col­lege at the Swiss Fed­er­al Poly­tech­ni­cal School when he first applied at the age of 18. He has to re-take the entrance exams a year lat­er, and was accept­ed then.


Also, he was in des­per­ate need of a hair style.Einstein3

He did this which seems neat.

Albert Einstein Sticking Out His Tongue

And he came up with this, also. NBD.


So, what do you think?