Don't you wish movie stars still had to know how to sing and dance to be in the pictures? Wouldn't you put up with James Franco's shenanigans if he could tap dance like this?

Yep, that's Gene Kelly tap dancing on roller skates (!) like a champ in the movie It's Always Fair Weather. I love the thing that always happens in his movies where he's dancing and singing down the street in the rain or on roller skates and the random non-whimsical extras look at him like "SIR, WHY ON EARTH ARE YOU SINGING AND DANCING DOWN THE STREET WHILST WE'RE STROLLING ABOUT THE BLOCK" and he's "who, me....I'm not doing anything unusual".....






singin-in-the-rain 2

How charming is that!?

And even better- Gene Kelly was born (on August 23rd, 1912) and raised in Highland Park! According to wikipedia (which I trust unreservedly) his childhood dream was to play for the Pittsburgh Pirates! In 1938 he became a choreographer for the Pittsburgh Playhouse before quickly moving to New York City to pursue the stage. In the same year he danced in Cole Porter's Leave it to Me and in less than two years he was picked for  the staring role in Pal Joey.  Soon he won an MGM contract and began creating choreography for and staring in classic movies like Anchors Aweigh, An American in Paris, Singing in the Rain.  Kelly was a phenomenal, expressive dancer who studied everything from ballet to Spanish dance. Like any artistic BA, refused to categorize his craft. "I don't have a name for my style of dancing...It's certainly hybrid...I've borrowed from the modern dance, from the classical, and certainly from the American folk dance – tap-dancing, jitterbugging...But I have tried to develop a style which is indigenous to the environment in which I was reared." Woo Pittsburgh! What a feather in our snazzy cap! 

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