Gene Roddenberry’s birth­day is August 19!  To cel­e­brate, here are nine­teen fun facts relat­ing to the creator/king of Star Trek and his enter­prise (see what I did there…enterprise.  HAH)!


  1. His first pub­lished work was about his children’s bun­nies!!!
  2. Went through Peace Offi­cer train­ing at UCLA.
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  3. He was the first mem­ber of his fam­i­ly to earn a col­lege degree.  It was an asso­ciates in police sci­ence.
  4. One of the found­ing mem­bers of the Asso­ci­a­tion for Pro­fes­sion­al Law Enforce­ment: “We are of the opin­ion that pro­fes­sion­al ethics and prac­ti­cal police work are com­plete­ly com­pat­i­ble and we intend to meet togeth­er to pro­mote this com­pat­i­bil­i­ty.”
  5. Obtained his pilot’s license through the US Army Air Corps. 

    Gotta love a man in uniform.

    Got­ta love a man in uni­form.

  6. He wrote scripts under the pseu­do­nym “Robert Wes­ley” because a for­tune cook­ie advised that, “A change of name will bring you fame.”
  7. He flew 89 com­bat mis­sions dur­ing WWII.
  8. He passed his police sergeants exam on his first attempt.
  9. He believed all con­tem­po­rary reli­gions would dis­ap­pear by the 23rd cen­tu­ry.
  10. He was friends with Ray Brad­bury and even asked Brad­bury to write for Star Trek; unfor­tu­nate­ly Brad­bury refused.
  11. Wes­ley Crusher’s char­ac­ter was mod­eled after Rod­den­ber­ry as a teen.  (Man, he must have been an insuf­fer­able teen!) 

    "Shut up Wesley."-Said everyone ever

    Shut up Wesley.”-Said every­one ever

  12. Star Trek was cre­at­ed in 1964.  Star Trek: The Next Gen­er­a­tion was cre­at­ed in 1987.
  13. He worked for the “Pub­lic Infor­ma­tion Divi­sion” of the police as a speech­writer.
  14. He was an avid fan of the John Carter of Mars series.
  15. He was a major drug abuser which added to his health prob­lems lat­er in life.
  16. In physics, a “Rod­den­ber­ry” marks the dis­tance trav­eled at light speed dur­ing a “trav­el­er year”…whatever that means…
  17. He was an adul­ter­ous man-slut.  Sor­ry Gene, you were.
  18. Mar­t­in Luther King, Jr. and his wife were avid Trek fans!  It was one of the only pro­grams they felt com­fort­able let­ting their kids watch.
  19. In 1992, his ash­es were flown into space.

So, what do you think?