Super adorable Hel­lo Kit­ty was born on Novem­ber first!  Let’s cel­e­brate the star of our favorite ele­men­tary school sta­tionery sets ( for our impor­tant child­hood cor­re­spon­dences) with a list of FUN FACTS about Miss Hel­lo Kit­ty!


  1. Hel­lo Kitty’s full name is Kit­ty White. Much catch­i­er than her orig­i­nal name in Japan, “the white kit­ten with no name”. 

    hk cake

    umm­mm can this be my bday cake this year?

  2. She weighs 3 apples and is 5 apples tall! How does that even work?!
  3. She has a twin sis­ter named Mim­my. Please don’t get them con­fused– it’s so easy to tell them apart! Hel­lo Kit­ty wears a red bow on her left ear and Mim­my has a yel­low bow on her right ear! 

    hk mim

    soOoOoo dif­fer­ent

  4. Though she was cre­at­ed in Japan, Hel­lo Kit­ty is from the Lon­don sub­urbs. How chic! 

    hk brit

    ello Kit­ty

  5. She was named after Alice (of Wonderland)‘s cat, also named Kit­ty.
    hk alice
  6. Hel­lo Kit­ty was intro­duce in 1974, but is eter­nal­ly a fourth grader! 

    hk stat

    Purrrrr­fect! Because this sta­tionery set would DEFINITELY make you the coolest kid in fourth grade!

  7. Hel­lo Kit­ty has two pets, one is a ham­ster named Sug­ar and the oth­er.… well we’ll get to her lat­er!!

    hk sugar

    so cute !

  8. Her first mod­el­ing gig was for a vinyl coin purse. 

    og hk

    awww, she could be smiz­ing more, though.… #antmhel­lokit­ty

  9. She caused a com­mo­tion recent­ly when reports sur­faced that she wasn’t real­ly a cat! She is, it’s just that shes more of a Goofy than a Plu­to.
  10. Which brings us to our final Fun Fact.  Are you Sit­ting down?! Good, then you are ready to know that Hel­lo Kit­ty HAS A PET CAT!!!!! Whaaaaaaaat! Her name is Char­m­my Kit­ty (????) x (infin­i­ty).
hk charmmy

Sooo.… let’s just unpack this… Hel­lo Kit­ty, a kit­ten, is dressed up like Char­m­my Kit­ty, also a kit­ten. I guess some kit­tens are more equal than oth­er kit­tens, hmm San­rio?

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