It seems as though the Mup­pets nev­er go out of style.  They have been active since 1955, becom­ing well known in the 70s with The Mup­pet Show and The Mup­pet Movie and main­tain­ing that suc­cess through­out the 90s.  Even as their pop­u­lar­i­ty waned slight­ly in the 2000s (before their 2010 resur­gence) the fun­ny fur­ry pup­pets still held great affec­tion in the hearts of their orig­i­nal audi­ence (and the chil­dren of that audi­ence).  You sim­ply can­not under­state their impor­tance.

And now that we all agree that the Mup­pets are eas­i­ly the most impor­tant thing ever in his­to­ry, in per­pe­tu­ity, it would be hard not to argue that there are few Mup­pets (or any­thing made of felt) more impor­tant than Ker­mit the Frog.

Ker­mit made his debut in 1955 on The Jim Hen­son pro­to-Mup­pets cre­ation, Sam and Friends, although he didn’t real­ly become a frog until his appear­ance in “The Frog Prince”, at the time just resem­bling a plain lizard-like pup­pet.

He has tak­en the role as the de fac­to Mup­pet lead­er (in fact, since Dis­ney took over the fran­chise, the “M” in Mup­pets has been dressed up to look like Ker­mit) and appeared occa­sion­al­ly on the children’s enter­tain­ment jug­ger­naut Sesame Street as an on-the-scene reporter.

Just…the best.

Ker­mit has since become a major celebri­ty, has writ­ten three books, starred and appeared in innu­mer­able tele­vi­sion shows, spe­cials, and movies.  He has a star on the Hol­ly­wood walk of fame and was even nom­i­nat­ed for an Acad­e­my Award for “The Rain­bow Con­nec­tion”.

Why all this Ker­mit love?  Well because he’s a nation­al trea­sure!  Also it’s his birth­day today (yes, there’s a lit­tle bit of con­tro­ver­sy over this con­sid­er­ing he was born as an egg with about a thou­sand oth­er sib­lings, but we are count­ing his first appear­ance, on Sam and Friends) and we think he is worth it.  I mean, the dude is 62 years old and still looks great.


So, what do you think?