Do you ever spend way too much time thinking about what tattoo you would get, if you had to? You would never actually get a tattoo, obviously, because the fear of waking up and regretting it is much too great ("Why did I think this Goo Goo Dolls tattoo was a good idea?!?!" etc....), but what if, after a crisp fall night of too many PSL's and those weird candy corn flavored white chocolate candies you just, like, woke up with one?

I would definitely want a Kurt Vonnegut quote tattoo! And if you spend as much time as I do on literary tattoo blogs like this one or this one, you might roll your eyes at the ubiquity of a sweet KV tattoo. Ok. so, there are pages and pages of "so it goes" tattoos and tattoos and many more of his most famous quotes,


but I think their popularity speaks less to unoriginality and more to Vonnegut's unmatched ability to condense the absurdities and tragedies of life  to simple, beautifully written prose.


Kurt Vonnegut is often pegged as a writer whose cynicism is mainly appealing to disaffected youth. I think his fans know though, that his cynical nature went hand in hand with a sentimentality and  faith in kindness that keeps his stories cautionary tales instead of caustic predictions.


So let's say you woke up one morning deciding to get a KV tattoo (and perhaps a bit unstuck in time)-- great! You have so many wonderful options to show what a wry, special snowflake you are! Whether you go with his often repeated advice from the good uncle Alex above, a stack of your favorite incredibly re-readable novels, Eliot Rosewater's number one rule "God damn it, you've got to be kind!", or even the flip meaning of life quote from the top of the page,  you'll be highlighting the work of a fantastic and influential writer.


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