I suppose really I should say "Happy Birthday Eric Arthur Blair." George Orwell was actually his pen. But as far let's stick with George.


So as we all should know Georgie wrote the ultra-influential books Animal Farm and 1984. As far as I'm concerned these are the ones that matter. I've heard some of his other short stories and essays are fantastic as well but I wouldn't know. We'll stick with what I do know; Animal Farm and 1984 were both amazing. I had the pleasure of choosing to read Animal Farm in an english class in my 11th or 12th grade year. It was riiiiiigggghhhttt around when I was getting into punk music and, ya know, generally being rebellious. So I related very closely to the themes of the book. It is, however, actually about the Russian revolution of 1917 and the events leading into the Stalin era. Knowing nothing about that though, I loved the message of the book. The last line still grips me.

check out the sweet anniversary edition that we carry illustrated by Ralph Steadman!

check out the sweet anniversary edition that we carry illustrated by Ralph Steadman!

1984 I actually only read about a year or two ago. Long after high-school. My AP english teacher (whom I had the displeasure of having 2 years in a row) decided that was below an AP level I guess. Instead we read books like Ethan Frome and Jane Eyre. Which I hated. So I picked it up for pleasure on my own time. I loved it. I'm pretty big into sci-fi, especially when it's dark and dystopian. If I ever read a book with a happy ending I'd be upset about it. It's so good because of how scary it was. Some parts really hit close to home in our age of technology. It's a little closer to reality than we would like to think. Don't even get me started on internet security. But again that last line. Just too good.


we tots have this sick T!


don't forget it.


I think this gives a bit of insight on my reading prefs. And writing this little bloggy has reminded me of how sweet those books were/are/willbeforever. We can reread them. We have the technology. If for some reason you haven't read these, or if it's just been a while like me, we have 'em here at the store (obvi). Come get a copy to celebrate the man's birthday or nerd out with me about Big Brother. We can talk conspiracy/real theories.

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