It's Snuffy's Birthday August 19th!

In honor of one of the best muppets ever (and Big Bird's bestie), I present to you a top ten list of Snuffelupagus Fun Facts:

10) Snuffleupugus is turning 4 on August 19th. He is perpetually 4 years old!


<3 you Snuffy!!!!

9) His full name is Aloysius Snuffleupagus

8) Snuffy does not live on Sesame Street! He lives on 456 Snuffle Circle.

7) He lives there with his family; Mommy, Daddy, little sister Alice, Aunt Agnes, Granny Abigail, cousins Abigail and Sr.Snuffleupago and Uncle Abe Snuffleupagus!


Mommy and lil sis Alice


6) When he first appeared on Sesame Street, Snuffy was a little .... weird. During the first few seasons, Snuffleupagus had an Eeyore like pessimistic outlook and often answered questions nonsensically. Example conversation with pal Bird,

Big Bird "Where did you go?"

Snuffy "I Suppose so"


5) He also was originally terrifying.





Thats......better......I guess......

4) When Snuffy's not working on set he hangs out in the rafters covered by a giant pink blanket!


"I'll be here if you guys need me..."

3) His shoe size is 65 triple G

2) Snuffy is also a great tap dancer who once danced with pros Maurice and Gregory Hines.

1) The adults of Sesame Street didn't believe in Snuffleupagus!  At first they thought he was just an imaginary friend of Big Bird's. Finally in 1985, Elmo caught Snuffy in Big Bird's nest and Gordon and the gang had to apologize and say that from then on they would alway believe what Big Bird said.


Sorry, Big Bird!

Happy Birthday, Buddy!!

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