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So the last blog entry I did about a writer was about Antoine de Saint-Exupery.  One interesting fact about whom is that he was a Count.  Today I'm blogging about Alexandre Dumas, who was not a count, but whose father did come from the French aristocracy.  These facts have led me to theorize that all good French writers are aristocrats.  Not sure what this theory really means or if it really even counts as a theory, but I'm going with it for now.

July 24th is Dumas's birthday, so let's talk a little about how amazing The Count of Monte Cristo is.  It's probably my most favoritest book.  And believe you me, that's saying something.  I loves me some books.  But that book is the one I love the most.  Probably because it's about the most spectacular revenge ever and that rules.  I'm not a hugely vengeful person.  I pretty much just move on with my life.  Every once in a while, though, I feel like I want to totally go all out exacting the world's most perfect revenge for some not very serious slight.  Just every once in a while, though.

I think that's pretty much the reason that people love the story.  Sometimes a jerk just totally cuts in front of you in the Starbucks line and you're really tired and you just want a hazelnut macchiato and he orders one too and they give him his first and you just want to buy all the hazelnut syrup in the entire world and then make him bathe in it for all eternity while you sit back and enjoy his misery.  Welcome to Crazy Town, population: you.  And yet, in your mind, it's a 100% reasonable reaction.  Imagine if your whole life was like that, except for people had actually screwed you over royally and you had basically unlimited money to help you make them pay.

Then there's The Three Musketeers, which is another of my favorite books.  It's kind of much less enviable, since it's about some upstart kid who's kind of egotistical who wants to get into a job that pretty much doesn't exist anymore.  But it has swords and hot babes, so that makes it good.  Interesting side note, Dumas is known to have had 40 mistresses over the course of his life and to have fathered 4 (but probably 7) illegitimate children, one of whom was also named Alexandre Dumas and also became a successful writer.  Let me just reiterate that this man, who was married, had 40 (but probably more than 40) mistresses.  Forty!  Mistresses!  I.e., women who he had lots of sex with and also probably paid for their incredibly lavish lifestyles.

What a BAMF.


I love Oliver Reed so much in that movie.

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