Today we celebrate the birthday of Stieg Larsson's bad-ass, female lead character from the  Millennium  trilogy, (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played With Fire, and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest), Lisbeth Salander.


This is her happy face.

With the birth of Lisbeth, we got a couple of things. The first, being this totally hot movie poster...


Fact: Those who claim to not want to see it are liars.

Two, we all got an awesome, sexy, computer hacking, butt-kicking, motorcycle riding, cigarette smoking, bisexual, tattooed heroine that we all secretly needed. Lisbeth is kind of the definition of cool for the 21st century. Not to mention she chases a serial killer, confronts her giant half brother who's invulnerable to pain, and fights her disfigured, murdering father. How did he get disfigured? She lit his ass on fire.... when she was 12!


Got my engines revving...

Lisbeth is cool, calm, and collected. She uses brains over brawn, she's afraid of nothing and no one, and she has a photographic memory. Oh, and a knack for starting fires...


Don't block the drive way

Three, I get an excuse to show these awesome pictures of Daniel Craig because he's in the movie, and because he's dreamy, and has bright blue eyes, and because, well just look for yourself...

d craig 2 BIG

See, smoking can be cool

d craig glasses

Steaming my glasses....

d craig reading

Hunky & Handsome

d craig window

Could you even imagine....?

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