The word-smith herself.

When I was young, I spent a very large portion of my life living in Pern.
Clearly, I mean that I read Anne McCaffrey books a lot. I do not mean that I actually owned dragons. You would be reading that from a Newspaper, not our blog, if that were the case.

My first ever Pern book was Dragonsong. I remember finding it on a dark corner shelf in my school library. There were dragons, and there was music, so I was sold just based on the title. What I didn't realize at the time was that I was about to dive head and heart first into my very favorite imaginary world.

Anne McCaffrey set quite a bold path for women writers in Science Fiction. She was the first woman to win the Hugo award as well as the Nebula Award. And just as she was a strong woman in her field, her female characters had the same strength. When she wrote Restoree, a book that features an amazing woman who is hell bent on surviving being abducted by an alien race, McCaffrey explained: "I was so tired of all the weak women screaming eicher001ain the corner while their boyfriends were beating off the aliens. I wouldn't have been—I'd've been in there swinging with something or kicking them as hard as I could."

You Go, Anne McCaffrey. You kick those Alien Butts. <3

In honor of Anne McCaffrey's Birthday, I suggest you take a trip to Pern and find your own dragon.

So, what do you think?