Won­der Wom­an: As beau­ti­ful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, stronger than Her­cules, and swifter than Mer­cury

If there is one thing I have learned (YET AGAIN) from fol­low­ing the news on the upcom­ing Won­der Wom­an movie, it is this: DO NOT READ THE COMMENTS. *sigh*

So in case you don’t know, Won­der Woman’s first live action, solo film will be out in 2017.
I am already anx­ious. and excit­ed. And the rest of the inter­net has all the oth­er emo­tions in the world as well.

So let me be com­plete­ly upfront with y’all. Yes­ter­day I knew next to noth­ing about Won­der Wom­an. But I vol­un­teered to write this blog because I want­ed to learn some things about her. And I have!


This lady will totes kick the bad guy’s butt.

Here are some of the fun things I learned:

- Won­der Wom­an is FREAKING AWESOME. nuff said about that one.

- The cre­ator of Won­der Wom­an was William Moul­ton Marston, the same guy who invent­ed the poly­graph! (Hence WW’s Mag­ic Las­so of Truth!) Marston’s wife sug­gest­ed that he make a female super hero, and he took that and ran with it. Fun fact, Marston and his wife were polyamorous, and he based Won­der Woman’s char­ac­ter on the best fea­tures of his wife AND his girl­friend lover. Appar­ent­ly they were super rad gals.

-  Marston cre­at­ed Won­der Wom­an part­ly because he thought wom­en were way bet­ter at things than men. This appar­ent­ly stemmed from his research for the poly­graph he was invent­ing… In his expe­ri­ence, wom­en were far less like­ly to lie.  I could tell you lots more about Marston and Won­der Woman’s cre­ation process because it’s real­ly real­ly inter­est­ing, but you should prob­a­bly go read things direct­ly from experts that are not me.

But here is a real­ly great quote from Marston: “Not even girls want to be girls so long as our fem­i­nine arche­type lacks force, strength, and pow­er. Not want­i­ng to be girls, they don’t want to be ten­der, sub­mis­sive, peace-lov­ing as good wom­en are. Women’s strong qual­i­ties have become despised because of their weak­ness. The obvi­ous rem­e­dy is to cre­ate a fem­i­nine char­ac­ter with all the strength of Super­man plus all the allure of a good and beau­ti­ful wom­an.”


Won­der Wom­an will be played by Gal Gadot, an Israeli actress who isn’t known for much just yet, but hope­ful­ly they know what they’re doing.

- Because DC did a num­ber of reboots, Won­der Wom­an has mul­ti­ple ‘canon’ back­sto­ries. (In one of them, she was made of clay and breathed to life, because she don’t need no dad­dy) Her die-hard fans don’t all agree on which one is the ‘Real’ back­sto­ry, which is part­ly why this upcom­ing movie is already caus­ing dra­ma. The movie mak­ers have cho­sen to run with Won­der Woman’s ties to Greek Gods, and some peo­ple real­l­l­l­ly don’t like that. But may­be it will be okay. May­be the movie will be so awe­some that all the fans will be like, oh okay. that’s cool. But who am I kid­ding. Every­one knows how pop­u­lar riot­ing is. Sigh.

- Won­der wom­an has been around for about 80 years, but aside from like one or two comics,  it wasn’t until recent­ly that she had any female writ­ers! Here is a fan­TAS­tic arti­cle by Jodi Picoult, one of Won­der Woman’s writ­ers. 

So, I’m going to leave it at that. Hope­ful­ly, now you’re all super inter­est­ed about Won­der Wom­an and want to go read even more about her! I know I do. Seri­ous­ly. I’m a fan now. Which makes sense because my name is Athena.

So, what do you think?