So, the Winter Olympics are over again and we have to wait 2 years for the next Olympic events.  Four years if you're only really interested in Figure Skating and Ski Jumping and Bobsled.  That is a major bummer, but we should not allow ourselves to collapse under the weight of our despair.  Instead, let us celebrate that event which has, in recent years, become symbolic of the Winter Olympics at large, Curling!  Bonus, February 23rd is Curling Is Cool Day!  And for those enterprising souls who wish to give a card on this most august of days, we have one!


Pretty cool, amiright?

Even if you think things like Skeleton are cool (and really, how could you not, given the name and the fact that it involves people flying face-first down an ice chute at 80 mph), you will have to admit that Curling is pretty killer.  It's like some crazy Scots (because, like all ridiculous-but-badass games, it hails from Scotland) decided that they wanted to play shuffleboard one winter, but because shuffleboard is not manly enough, they invented curling.  And then somehow, over the course of hundreds of years, it became something that the IOC thought was Olympics-worthy.  Which is not to say that it isn't, because it totally is.  It's just funny that some Scottish hick game played with rocks dredged out of a pond became an Olympic sport.  Just sayin'.


Sorry, they just look goofy.

The best thing about curling is that curlers are expected to be excellent sports.  Despite the presence of officials in big curling matches, curlers are expected to call their own fouls; it's also considered totally unacceptable to cheer an opponent's mistake or to celebrate one's own success.  Although there are no tangible consequences for breaches of etiquette, curlers are nevertheless polite and sportsmanlike.  So not only is it the coolest sport, but it's also the classiest.

2-18 curling handshake

Good curling, eh?

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