French fries: they don't count as a vegetable but who gives a shit?


I love french fries.

Fried up, crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside french fries. I love to dip 'em in Ranch, mayo, or ketchup.

Are you seeing how golden and delicious these are? ARE YOU SEEING IT?

Cheese fries are even better. Smother those bad boys with a ton of melted cheese, top 'em with bacon and a side of sour cream and you have my eternal gratitude.

Cheese fries

People say I'm hard to shop for, but in my defense, no one ever tried french fries and bacon...

Can we talk about steak fries? Gah. SO GOOD.
steak fries

Can we also talk about how putting ketchup on your french fries like this is A SIN IN MY EYES? THE KETCHUP WILL GET ON YOUR HANDS AND THEN THEY WILL BE STICKY AND THEN AND THEN AND THEN


I can almost feel my arteries clogging each time I eat french fries or cheese fries. But then I think about how DELICIOUS THEY ARE IN MY MOUTH and I push aside the bad feelings and just eat. Because denial is the best way for eating foodz that are so good they're bad.

Now that I'm finished singing french fries' praises I'm going to go um, GET SOME FRIES. Bye.

So, what do you think?