25 May

Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial day is a two pronged holiday. You've got your patriotic-honor-those-who-have-died-for-our-country side, and the IT'S-FINALLY-SUMMER side. While the spirit of each is quite different, Memorial Day serves as an important day for America.

Memorial Day 4

It does a body and mind good to take a moment to be thankful for the people who have given their lives for this country. That's huge.

Memorial Day 1

It takes a lot of courage to serve for your country and do it selflessly, and for that, I'm ever thankful.

Memorial Day 2

Memorial Day is a great day to get together with your family and friends to appreciate your freedom. Can't hurt to have some delicious food and drink, either.

Memorial Day 3

No, these are not french fries, THEY ARE FREEDOM FRIES. 

Memorial Day 5

Burgers and dogs COMIN' RIGHT UP.

Memorial Day 6

Inserting into facehole in 3... 2... 1...

No BBQ is complete without patriotic punch!

No BBQ is complete without patriotic punch!

Here's a complimentary Hulk Hogan being American gif:

Memorial Day 8




So, what do you think?