IMG_8889This Saturday marks one of my favorite obscure holidays, Open that Bottle Night!! You know that bottle of wine that you were going to open when you landed a full-time job. The bottle you bought that cost one paycheck and you planned to open when you fulfilled a life-time achievement. Nowadays, its just sitting in your pantry collecting dust and judges you every time you see it. Instead of wallowing in sorrow about your life, how about consuming your selected bottle as a celebration of your search and commitment?

Take a sip from the bottle of wine your late grandfather gave to your as a wedding present. Or the fancy bottle of champagne you parents gifted to you as a graduation gift. Reminisce on the good memories while cherishing the moments with your friends.


Share the bottle with your life-long friends or drink it with a nice dose of Netflix. Either way, Kards Unlimited is your destination to make sure you are celebrating the holiday in the best manner.

We have everything from wine glasses with fantastic sayings to cocktail napkins.

Use these fabulous cocktail napkins to freshen your wine teeth. If you drink wine, you are fully aware of the dangers of red wine on your pearly whites. Be prepared and subtle by purchasing these alcoholic beverages inspired cocktail napkins. You definitely will be thanking us when you see your friend rocking the wine teeth.

Remind your friends of this perfect, relaxing day of celebration by sending them a KU original "Open That Bottle Night" card. Now, your friends can join in on the fun!!


Let us know how your night goes by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page with your prized beverage!!

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