Don’t worry, folks.  This’ll be brief.  Surprisingly, I don’t have a lot to say about country music, rather than the fact that I’m pretty much indifferent to it, much in the same way as I’m indifferent to things like professional football, Downton Abbey, or straight sex: I don’t really get the appeal, but far be it from me to deny my well-meaning friends and co-workers these pleasures.  Just don’t ask me to join in.

The origins of Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day (QCMSTD – let’s abbreviate, shall we?) are rather murky.  None of us can say for sure when – or even why – it became an established holiday, but now that it’s here, it’s here to stay.  So, in other words, QCMSTD is the One Direction of holidays.  ZING.


But seriously. And this coming from someone who likes boys. Not boys boys. Men. I mean men...Ahem.

The purpose of QCMSTD is to honor one of country music’s oldest and most bizarre traditions: giving your song a really weird name when a much shorter one would probably do just fine.  Quite frequently, these “quirky” song titles may refer to:

(1) Beer ("I Like Beer" by Tom T. Hall)


(2) Crying ("Tears in My Ears," originally sung by Homer and Jethro)


Or, (3) Crying Into Your Beer ("There's a Tear in My Beer" by Hank Williams Sr.)


Honorable Mention: This gem, which tells you where to put your beer – you know, in case you forget. ("Red Solo Cup" by Toby Keith)


Incidentally, today also marks the annual celebration of Viagra Day.  So, really, I suppose March 27th ought to be renamed “Things That Are Marginalized By Mainstream Society But Very Much Enjoyed By A Sizable Part of the Population Day.”  But for short we would just call it “TTAMBMSBVMEBASPPD.”

Tabletten zur Potenzsteigerung

I do not need or use these pills but some people do and that's okay I love them and respect them all the same yay Viagra.

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