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Every diabetic’s favorite hol­i­day is com­ing up…S’MORES DAY!!!  In case you’ve been liv­ing under a rock in Tian­jin, a s’mores has three ingre­di­ents: gra­ham crack­ers, toast­ed marsh­mal­lows, and melt­ed choco­late bars.


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Anthro­po­mor­phized food is actu­al­ly kind of ter­ri­fy­ing.

It is total­ly rec­om­mend­ed that you get cre­ative with your s’mores ingre­di­ents!  Sub­sti­tute peanut but­ter cups for choco­late bars!  Or cut open a banana length­wise, scoop a bit out, fill it with choco­late  and marsh­mal­lows, then wrap in tin­foil and put it in the embers of your camp­fire for a few min­utes.  Instant­ly your s’mores is now healthy (and gluten free)!!!

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The first offi­cial s’mores recipe was pub­lished in Tramp­ing and Trail­ing with the Girl Scouts in 1927, but culi­nary his­to­ri­ans believe the tra­di­tion began much ear­lier than that.  Leave it to the Girl Scouts to make every­thing offi­cial!  You’ll always want “some more” of this deli­cious treat, and if you’re eat­ing it cor­rect­ly it’ll sound like s’mores!!!

s'mores kitty wants more s'mores.

s’mores kit­ty wants more s’mores.

Most chil­dren don’t know how to eat healthy, I was no excep­tion.  Often­times, when deprived of camp­fires in the win­ter, I would microwave choco­late chips and marsh­mal­lows in a Pyrex mea­sur­ing cup, then dip gra­ham crack­ers in it.  Some­times, I skipped the gra­ham crack­ers alto­geth­er and just dug in with a spoon.  MMm­m­m­m­m­M­M­mm

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