Ryan Randall Playing Fiery Bagpipes In Las Vegas

This is not me. My bagpipes do not flame. This dude is totally metal, though, so I had to show him to you.

But not for the reasons you might think.  Bagpipes are a funny instrument.  They're one of those instruments that you either love or hate.  Now, many (probably most) people seem to love bagpipes.  Especially at certain events.  Weddings, funerals, parades, you know.  The Big Three.  But the minority of people who hate bagpipes seem to really really re-hee-heeeeeeally hate them.  And that's sad for them.  But also for me, as a bagpipe-playing person.

St. Patrick's Day is the one day a year when, since everyone's Irish, everyone loves bagpipes!  (Because, you know, all Irish people love bagpipes.  Because bagpipes are obviously a totally Irish instrument.  Don't even get me started.)  So that's one reason that St. Paddy's is a bagpiper's favorite holiday.  Once people see you in a kilt with that giant noise-making contraption, you are their favorite person.  Doesn't matter that the day before they called the cops because you were practicing at 8 p.m., which they deemed too late for great music.  As soon as the morning of 3/17 dawns, you are persona non grata no more!



Which leads me to the next reason that pipers love St. Paddy's, which is that since everyone loves you, they buy you drinks.  Lots of drinks.  Like, so many drinks, you guys.  On no other day can I walk into a pub fresh from playing a few impromptu outdoor tunes and immediately have offers of free green beer.  It's magical!  (Ok, admittedly, that was probably the reason you expected.  Sue me.)

The last reason pipers love St. Patrick's Day doesn't really have anything to do with bagpipes.  It's that the coming of St. Patrick's Day means that it's almost spring!  Almost time to take the pipes to the park and play outside 3 days a week!  You have no idea how loud bagpipes are until you play them inside a one bedroom apartment.  So, so loud.  So loud that your belongings literally vibrate on the shelves and furniture and mantles.  So loud that your upstairs neighbor is afraid, for a second, that the machines have finally risen and that the robopocalypse has arrived!  But seriously, it's super loud.  Bagpipes are the instrumental avatar of the outdoor voice.


So many great things, you guys.

Obviously, I'm totally ready for St. Patrick's Day, but for the non-bagpipers of the world, KU has everything you could possibly need, from the Port-a-Pint (seriously the coolest drinking gadget ever!) to awesome t-shirts, to perfect St. Paddy's Day cards!  Our supplies are dwindling fast, so come in today!



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