Harrison Ford is one of those really irritating people who, the more you learn about them, the more badass they become.

I thought I knew it all. He's Han Solo, he's goddamn Indiana Jones. That's badass enough right? Apparently not. Because apparently when his film career wasn't paying the bills he worked as a carpenter, and as we all know working as a carpenter allows you to do things like build a sun deck for Sally Kellerman and some cabinets for George Lucas, which will totally get you a sweet role in the greatest movie franchise of all time.


So yeah, that happened. Then, you know, there was that Indiana Jones thing. You know, one of the other greatest movie franchises of all time. And you know that great scene when the guy with the scimitar does his dance of the swords thing, and Indy just goes ahead and shoots him? Yeah, that was Harrison Ford's idea. He was too sick to do the original stunt -- whipping the sword out of the guy's hand -- and solved the problem by coming up with a hilarious death that was much, much better than the original fight.


That should be enough right? Nah. Not for Harrison Ford, Harrison Ford decided the time was right to, you know, learn to fly fix-winged aircraft and helicopters. For fun. And because he lives on an 800-acre ranch outside of Jackson, Wyoming (half of which, it deserves to be mentioned, is a nature perserve) Ford has on several occasions used his private helicopters to provide emergency service for local authorities including rescuing a hiker overcome by dehydration. Read that again.

I don't know what this is but I like it.

Happy birthday Mr. Ford. Happy Birthday.

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