HP Curse SoMe

If you still need a copy of the Cursed Child, we will be getting more books in stock on Monday, Aug 1st.

We are SO EXCITED about this guys.

On July 30th at 10:30pm, we will be hosting a MIDNIGHT RELEASE PARTY for the new and upcoming Harry Potter book: The Cursed Child. 

All you have to do to get an invite is Pre-Order The Cursed Child through us! For just the cost of the book, you will get the book AND an invitation to bring how every many people you would like to our Midnight Release Party. 

There will be plenty of fun at the party: we promise costumes, atmospheric music, Harry Potter Trivia and silly games like 'Guess How Many Every Flavor Beans Are In This Jar!"

If you're interested in getting more information send us an email today. Or stop in the store, even! Or give us a call! We don't recommend sending Owls, as we've recently lost a few in our rafters.



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