There's one thing that everyone in the world has in common. We all popped out of a lady!  Whether this lady is still in your life, or you had a different lady take you  into her loving arms and show you how to do things like read or wipe your bum, these people are all celebrated on Mother's Day!  Pretty much if you're a woman and you are appreciated in any way shape or form, Mother's Day is now for you too!  And even if you aren't a woman and you raised a human being we celebrate you as well! Just ask our 'to dad on mother's day' cards. Or our, 'to wolves on mother's day' section.



So how do you say thank you to the person who gave you an existence? Breakfast in bed?  Flowers? Chocolates??     

 Well, you could do that. And your gift could be declared D.O.A. ! May 13 will be here before you know it and you want to have an awesome gift! We understand there are a lot of other important things in your life and maybe you can't take the time to pick out the perfect gift, so we did all the thinking for you. We'll hold your hand just like mom did! See how this is all coming together? Throughout the month we will be putting out much longer, detailed gift lists for each of the categories we're giving you a peek of today. So keep an eye out! We know that each mom has her own quirks and interests much like us. Here is a breakdown of some of those interests we think might make good MDAY presents!

Sometimes the most relaxing thing can be getting down on your hands and knees and getting your hands dirty! If you show us a mom who loves to garden we'll show you more gardening products than you'll know what do with. We have everything from books to seeds, tools to butterfly gardens. All of which are beautifully packaged to give it that added something special!


I'm one of those people who loves to cook. It's where I get to go to my happy place and focus on things that make sense. Just because  mom cooks every night for you does not mean she loves to cook , so make sure you know the difference between the two!  For those who do, we have a bazillion incredible cook books and some of the cutest most unique aprons out there!

Maybe these cooking, gardening moms sound nothing like yours. We understand that those things aren't for everybody. Some moms ideal gift would be a nice, stiff drink and time to enjoy it. We've got books about wine, recipes for making delicious margaritas, hilarious tea towels bedazzled with Swarovski crystals and of course - wine glasses that let her know you care!


If the sauce isn't your mom's bag, why not set her up for the spa treatment? Candles, bubble bath, tea and a good book might be all she needs. Let her lock herself away and have some one on one time!

What  girl wouldn't want a good looking piece of jewelry? Some people think that jewelry has to be a serious or romatic gift. It can be but definitely doesn't have to be! Here we have some stunning pearls. Each pearl can represent a different son or daughter or anyone else important in the life of your mom/wife/aunt/sister/you catch my drift. This doesn't even begin to cover our jewelry section so make sure you come in to check out all of our special pieces.

Tea and cookies? Yes please! We've got tea coming out of our ears and we're pretty sure your mom would like to try some. Plus you end up looking good for buying her a unique treat she's never tried before!

You know who started out as a mom way back in the day? YOUR GRANDMA! So don't forget about her. Cute grandma books and if she's a new boomin' granny we've got some pretty adorable brag books. Almost as adorable as the pictures she's going to put in them when she needs to show a complete stranger at the grocery store pics of her bundles of joy!

 We wouldn't be your favorite  friendly, neighborhood card shop if we didn't have every type of mother's day card you could imagine. Whether the dog wants to say thanks or you just want to tell a lady in your life that you appreciate her if she's a mom or not we've got it all. Make sure you beat the rush because when these start selling  we change our name to Hot Cakes Unlimited.

Someone's first mother's day could be one of the most special occasions of the year! She just went through all the work and now she's changing diapers, feeding it at odd hours and getting barfed on. Let her know you're happy that she's happy she's covered in barf with one of these awesome gifts ! Mmmm smells like new moms.
Last but certainly not least we know that dad or other mom might want to show mom that they care in a private, after hours, sexy kind of way. Let your lady know that you appreciate her with an aphrodisiac packed meal, massage oils, or some best selling erotica. Spice things up, sweep her off her feet and let her know she's not an old maid. But maybe she could pretend be a French one for the night.
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