17 Nov

Homemade Bread Day!

Today is Homemade Bread Day. Otherwise known as revel in yeast day. In essence, the best holiday in the world, because homemade yeast breads are literally the tastiest thing you'll ever consume.

Everyone in my family bakes. My dad worked as a baker part-time when I was born. Store-bought pies are a curse word in my house. Cake mix is anathema. Cookie dough in a tube is like something out of a bad dream. And we. Love. Bread. A lot. So much.

Homemade Bread Day is just in time to practice for Hanukkah. Challah!

I could literally talk for pages about how homemade bread makes me happy and is the best thing in the world and how many bread recipes I love and bake all the time. I won't, though. Because I don't think you'd profit by it. Also because I don't want to. I'll just leave you with one thought about bread. Bread is one of the oldest cooked foods known to man. There's evidence of people baking bread over 30,000 years ago. Just saying, bread's doing something right. Bake some bread. For real.

This might be helpful.

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