honey1The time has come for vis­it­ing pump­kin and apple farms. It’s like the best time of the year. The air is crisp and full of leaves. The sun is soft and the wind is slight­ly chilled. I just freak­ing love fall.

Any way, the actu­al point of this blog is to remind you that when you vis­it your local farm­stead, like Trip­ple B or Trax Farm or Soergel Orchards,  to stock up on your pump­kins and apples and hay bales, make sure you don’t for­get to add local hon­ey to your shop­ping list!

Local hon­ey isn’t just super yum­my. It is also real­ly good for you. Here’s a sto­ry from per­son­al expe­ri­ence about why I always buy local hon­ey!

My broth­er has always had TERRIBLE allergies. Like for seri­ous, his face would get all red, he couldn’t breathe, eyes were all run­ny, and some­times he even end­ed up in the hos­pi­tal. All because he was aller­gic to every­thing in the air dur­ing fall and spring.

So when some­one told us that the solu­tion was sim­ply to eat local hon­ey, we were all kind of like, yeah, that’s not going to work, because his allergies are too ter­ri­ble for a sim­ple folk rem­e­dy.

But! just on a whim, and most­ly because we real­ly love the taste of hon­ey, my broth­er start­ed eat­ing local hon­ey. Not like by the gal­lon or any­thing, just like in his morn­ing tea and with cere­al and stuff. And then fall rolled around, and we all braced for his immi­nent mucus explo­sion.…. but he didn’t explode. Sure, he was still a lit­tle itchy and watery, but his allergies were nowhere near as bad!


Hon­ey Bee SO CUTEEEE!

So, hon­ey is the answer to allergies. It’s actu­al­ly the answer to a lot of things. For instance if some­one asks you, “What is super sweet and yum­my and some­thing I should put in my mouth right now?” the answer is prob­a­bly hon­ey.

If I haven’t con­vinced you yet, may­be this will: buy­ing local hon­ey gives mon­ey to local hon­ey farm­ers, and there­fore the local hon­ey farm­ers will keep hous­ing local bees. In case you’re like liv­ing under a rock, you prob­a­bly know that every­one is pret­ty wor­ried about the dimin­ished pop­u­la­tion of hon­ey bees. There have been a mil­lion stud­ies done, and some peo­ple say we’re safe, and oth­er peo­ple say that we’re lit­er­al­ly going to die with­out bees and it’s hap­pen­ing tomor­row. Regard­less, bees are real­ly impor­tant for the envi­ron­ment. And they’re so cute and fluffy! So sup­port your local bees and buy local hon­ey!

Hap­py Hon­ey Day! 

So, what do you think?