honey1The time has come for visiting pumpkin and apple farms. It's like the best time of the year. The air is crisp and full of leaves. The sun is soft and the wind is slightly chilled. I just freaking love fall.

Any way, the actual point of this blog is to remind you that when you visit your local farmstead, like Tripple B or Trax Farm or Soergel Orchards,  to stock up on your pumpkins and apples and hay bales, make sure you don't forget to add local honey to your shopping list!

Local honey isn't just super yummy. It is also really good for you. Here's a story from personal experience about why I always buy local honey!

My brother has always had TERRIBLE allergies. Like for serious, his face would get all red, he couldn't breathe, eyes were all runny, and sometimes he even ended up in the hospital. All because he was allergic to everything in the air during fall and spring.

So when someone told us that the solution was simply to eat local honey, we were all kind of like, yeah, that's not going to work, because his allergies are too terrible for a simple folk remedy.

But! just on a whim, and mostly because we really love the taste of honey, my brother started eating local honey. Not like by the gallon or anything, just like in his morning tea and with cereal and stuff. And then fall rolled around, and we all braced for his imminent mucus explosion..... but he didn't explode. Sure, he was still a little itchy and watery, but his allergies were nowhere near as bad!



So, honey is the answer to allergies. It's actually the answer to a lot of things. For instance if someone asks you, "What is super sweet and yummy and something I should put in my mouth right now?" the answer is probably honey.

If I haven't convinced you yet, maybe this will: buying local honey gives money to local honey farmers, and therefore the local honey farmers will keep housing local bees. In case you're like living under a rock, you probably know that everyone is pretty worried about the diminished population of honey bees. There have been a million studies done, and some people say we're safe, and other people say that we're literally going to die without bees and it's happening tomorrow. Regardless, bees are really important for the environment. And they're so cute and fluffy! So support your local bees and buy local honey!

Happy Honey Day! 

So, what do you think?