I’ve seen exactly two Audrey Hepburn movies.  The first, My Fair Lady, was part of our seventh grade music class curriculum.  I’m not really sure why.  And I must have spent more of the film asleep than awake because I wound up with the impression that Henry Higgins would be executed if he failed to transform Eliza (played by Hepburn) into a London socialite.  Is that wrong?  I can’t remember.  The second Hepburn film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, was playing in the background during a recent date night, so while I certainly wasn’t asleep for half of it, I wasn’t paying very close attention either. wink wink

Rags to riches.  Snooze.

Rags to riches. Snooze.

Clearly I’m no Audrey expert (and, furthermore, evidently I’m a terrible gay), but I do still appreciate her beauty and her cinematic legacy, and I wouldn’t mind seeing a few of her other films some day.  Roman Holiday, for one, looks pretty good, if only because it sounds exactly like a classier version of The Lizzie McGuire Movie.  And we all know how much I enjoyed that one.  Zero sarcasm, by the way.  I really do love that movie.  (See?  I’m not a terrible gay – I’m just not as devoted to the cause.)

Look!  Over there!  Pizza!

Look! Over there! Pizza!

Today, May 20th, is Eliza Doolittle Day, per the fantasy king in the film, which explains why I’m rambling on about Audrey Hepburn.  I’m not really sure how you’d celebrate the holiday other than to watch My Fair Lady (or, in my case, to re-watch the parts I snoozed through the first time around).  And here’s a song from the film for everyone to enjoy.

Note: I looked for a version sung by cats instead of people, but sadly one doesn’t exist.  Must I do everything myself?



Lizzie says: Happy Eliza Doolittle Day!

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