This kitten's name is Homer. This is his D'oh! face.

Did you ever get that feeling like you had something really important to do and you completely blew it?  I think we all have.  Sometimes there's just too much life in life and things slip through the cracks.  I have a pretty good memory; I remember things that happened years ago, I remember all the important dates I need to (and several that I don't), I can almost always find a place after being there only once, and I remember exactly how to fence people I only see once a year, and I can quote movies, TV, and books like you wouldn't believe.  I am, however, really bad at remembering a ton of other stuff.  Like whether my friends have met each other.  And lists of more than 4 things.

Point being, even people who are great at remembering some things are terrible at remembering others. That's where today comes in.  And by today I mean yesterday.  Because I forgot to tell you this yesterday.  July 2nd is I Forgot Day!  DeMotte, IN native Gaye Anderson came up with I Forgot Day some number of years ago that she doesn't remember because she had a habit of forgetting important dates.  Birthdays, anniversaries, and the like.  Anderson decided that July 2nd was the perfect day to make up for her forgetfulness.  She therefore sends cards on this day to whomever she's forgotten since last I Forgot Day.  Brilliant.


This is what all my I Forgot Day cards will look like forever more.

The one problem that I can discern with this plan is that she must also forget at least one person that she's meaning to send a card to on I Forgot Day.  Does she send them one next I Forgot Day for the previous year (as well as for the original offense)?  Or if she forgets both the actual day and the I Forgot penance, does she just give up .  Like, if I can't remember either your birthday or the fact that I forgot your birthday, I probably don't care about you enough to send you a card at all.  That could just be me, though.  There are probably people out there who would just trap themselves in an infinite loop of needing to send someone a card and forgetting and then needing to send someone a card because they forgot.  Exhausting.

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