15 Nov

I Love to Write Day

There are a lot of ways to love something.  Conceptually, platonically, physically, romantically, ideally, et cetera.  All of them apply to my relationship with writing.  In the main, I love the physical act of writing.  There are not many things more pleasurable than the feel of a good fountain pen on fine paper.  And I know what you dirty-minded folks are thinking right now and yes, that is better, but nevertheless, the physical pleasures of writing are not to be ignored.

I also love writing in a conceptual sense.  I love the idea of putting one's thoughts on a page.  Baring one's soul, to be melodramatic, and having someone else read it and be satisfied in some deep psychological way.  I imagine most of you read my blog posts and are emotionally fortified.  The romantic love of writing is very much tied to that feeling.  There's something very old fashioned (in the good way) about sharing the written word.

The very fact that "I love to write day" exists is evidence of the stranglehold the written word has on our collective psyche.  As much as technology advances, as much as we marginalize the importance of written correspondence and even books, there's still some ineffable draw to the feel of heavy paper, the widely touted smell of an old book, the reverence we feel toward classic literature.

Obviously, a card store like ours is a place where love of writing, in all forms and senses, is encouraged.  Sending or giving a handwritten card is not yet obsolete and we revel in that. If you don't think about it often, consider today how much writing means to you.  You might be surprised by what occurs to you.

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