Life is hard. You're thrown into this world with no choice of what your name is, who your family is, or who you're attracted to. For George Michael Bluth, none of those things ended up in his favor. But every day he manages to get out of bed with a positive attitude. We can all learn a thing from George Michael, and thank God he's teaching us, or else we'd all be getting scared straight by a man with one arm. In honor of George Michael's Birthday on March 3, here are some helpful tips on relationships, business, and family.

Relationships 101:

Never fall in love with your cousin

George Michael has dealt with conflicting emotions about his cousin, Maeby, since the show's pilot episode. They shared a kiss, and it sent shivers down his once innocent spine. His love for her grows over the course of the show, though he's obviously troubled by the nature of this. It is hinted that they aren't biologically related, but they only find out the truth—Maeby’s mother is adopted—after they get to second base. Ouch.

                         Date someone memorable

Business Tips:

Find a void and fill it

George Michael has always been a good student. In college, he really came into his own, losing his virginity to a Spanish mother while abroad, and developing what is the best wooden block app on the market. "FakeBlock" started out as a small idea, a musical block app, but, after a white lie and a series of misunderstandings, everyone believed it to be a revolutionary anti-social network app. Though it was all a misunderstanding that got out of control, Netflix did make the app to promote the new season.

 There's always money in a banana stand

As Mr. Manager, George Michael has a lot of pressure on him. On his first day as Mr. Manager, Maeby thinks the whole, "take a dollar, take a banana and eat it" system works well until George Michael realizes they actually have to pay for the bananas they sell. George Michael isn't the only one we can learn from. His father, Michael, learned the hard way that there's always money in a banana stand when he burns it down, only to discover there was $250,000 hidden in the walls.

Bluth Life Lessons:

There is no right way to dance like a chicken 

Everyone thinks that they have the perfect chicken dance. But which way is best? The Bluth family has some very strong opinions.

Family comes first 

Throughout the series, George Michael learns that no matter how dysfunctional your family is, they're always there to fall back on. Even if they were the ones who fucked up the situation in the first place. No matter how many times you try to leave them, you can't escape them. The family that burns evidence together, stays together.



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