Life is hard. You’re thrown into this world with no choice of what your name is, who your fam­i­ly is, or who you’re attract­ed to. For George Michael Bluth, none of those things end­ed up in his favor. But every day he man­ages to get out of bed with a pos­i­tive atti­tude. We can all learn a thing from George Michael, and thank God he’s teach­ing us, or else we’d all be get­ting scared straight by a man with one arm. In hon­or of George Michael’s Birth­day on March 3, here are some help­ful tips on rela­tion­ships, busi­ness, and fam­i­ly.

Relationships 101:

Nev­er fall in love with your cous­in

George Michael has dealt with con­flict­ing emo­tions about his cous­in, Mae­by, since the show’s pilot episode. They shared a kiss, and it sent shiv­ers down his once inno­cent spine. His love for her grows over the course of the show, though he’s obvi­ous­ly trou­bled by the nature of this. It is hint­ed that they aren’t bio­log­i­cal­ly relat­ed, but they only find out the truth—Maeby’s moth­er is adopted—after they get to sec­ond base. Ouch.

                         Date some­one mem­o­rable

Business Tips:

Find a void and fill it

George Michael has always been a good stu­dent. In col­lege, he real­ly came into his own, los­ing his vir­gin­i­ty to a Span­ish moth­er while abroad, and devel­op­ing what is the best wood­en block app on the mar­ket. “Fake­Block” start­ed out as a small idea, a musi­cal block app, but, after a white lie and a series of mis­un­der­stand­ings, every­one believed it to be a rev­o­lu­tion­ary anti-social net­work app. Though it was all a mis­un­der­stand­ing that got out of con­trol, Net­flix did make the app to pro­mote the new sea­son.

 There’s always mon­ey in a banana stand 

As Mr. Man­ager, George Michael has a lot of pres­sure on him. On his first day as Mr. Man­ager, Mae­by thinks the whole, “take a dol­lar, take a banana and eat it” sys­tem works well until George Michael real­izes they actu­al­ly have to pay for the bananas they sell. George Michael isn’t the only one we can learn from. His father, Michael, learned the hard way that there’s always mon­ey in a banana stand when he burns it down, only to dis­cov­er there was $250,000 hid­den in the walls.

Bluth Life Lessons:

There is no right way to dance like a chick­en 

Every­one thinks that they have the per­fect chick­en dance. But which way is best? The Bluth fam­i­ly has some very strong opin­ions.

Fam­i­ly comes first 

Through­out the series, George Michael learns that no mat­ter how dys­func­tion­al your fam­i­ly is, they’re always there to fall back on. Even if they were the ones who fucked up the sit­u­a­tion in the first place. No mat­ter how many times you try to leave them, you can’t escape them. The fam­i­ly that burns evi­dence togeth­er, stays togeth­er.



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