27 Oct

I want to believe

Yesterday was fictional X-files F.B.I. agent, Fox "Spooky" Mulder's birthday, and just in the right time of the year. In honor of this event I sat out alone in a desolate field, binoculars in hand, wanting to believe, waiting for a close encounter of third kind. I fell asleep. But that doesn't mean that that the truth isn't out there.

Agent Mulder's pursuit of justice and the truth is enough to inspire anyone. Not to mention he has one of the greatest head of hair in television history, and that great jaw line, and such soft eyes......


And don't forget his appearance on The Simpsons.

Still dreamy

So in honor of Spooky's birthday, turn out the lights, psych yourself up, and hit play on Netflix (cause the whole series is on there), and sit through the most bone chilling opening themes ever (suck it Twilight Zone). But remember, don't trust anyone.

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