Heyyyyy you guys, Feb­ru­ary 7th is Ice Cream for Break­fast Day! Cer­tain­ly not the only day of the year you can eat ice cream for break­fast, but one hun­dred per­cent a spe­cial day for peo­ple (me) who want to eat ice cream for the most impor­tant meal of the day in a cocoon-like no judge­ment zone.


May­be you need more encour­age­ment to par­tic­i­pate in ice cream for break­fast day? May­be you are think­ing that you just, you know, pop a con­tain­er of greek yogurt in the freez­er and eat THAT for break­fast, and it will be fun and equal­ly excit­ing as ICFB-Day? You’re Wrong. You’re soooooooo wrong, Becky >:(

Just eat some ICE CREAM for BREAKFAST and LIVE a lit­tle!!! If you put corn­flakes on top (DELICIOUS) it’s BASICALLY like hav­ing a nor­mal bowl of cere­al for break­fast! It’s FINE! Peo­ple used to do it all the time:

icd 1

Great­est Gen­er­a­tion



You don’t even have to stick to cof­fee fla­vored ice cream! Try mint choco­late chip rice krispies or moose tracks bran flakes (HEALTHY)!

Go on, have FUN! It will be great! Until you get brain freeze, that is.…


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