Heyyyyy you guys, February 7th is Ice Cream for Breakfast Day! Certainly not the only day of the year you can eat ice cream for breakfast, but one hundred percent a special day for people (me) who want to eat ice cream for the most important meal of the day in a cocoon-like no judgement zone.


Maybe you need more encouragement to participate in ice cream for breakfast day? Maybe you are thinking that you just, you know, pop a container of greek yogurt in the freezer and eat THAT for breakfast, and it will be fun and equally exciting as ICFB-Day? You're Wrong. You're soooooooo wrong, Becky >:(

Just eat some ICE CREAM for BREAKFAST and LIVE a little!!! If you put cornflakes on top (DELICIOUS) it's BASICALLY like having a normal bowl of cereal for breakfast! It's FINE! People used to do it all the time:

icd 1

Greatest Generation



You don't even have to stick to coffee flavored ice cream! Try mint chocolate chip rice krispies or moose tracks bran flakes (HEALTHY)!

Go on, have FUN! It will be great! Until you get brain freeze, that is....


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