There are a few things people think of when they think of summer. Swimming. BBQs. Bare feet. Freckles. Grass. Ladybugs. Shorts. And Tea.

iced tea

Iced tea is one of the most versatile cold beverages on our sweet earth planet.  Think about how many different teas you've seen in your life. How they warm your heart and soul during cold winter months. Then just add some ice and BAM you've got iced tea goodness taking you to your happy, refreshed, summer place. There are a few ways one can make iced tea. We're going to teach you how to make some sun tea. Sun tea is EZPZ and we think, one of the most delicious ways to make iced tea. 


What you'll need!

  • a glass container, pitcher, jar.
  • your favorite tea
  • the sun
  • patience
  • ice
So here's the deal. Fill your sun tea jar with water. Then depending on the size of your jar load her up full of the tea bags.

For a container that holds about 8 cups of water you're going to want form 4-6 tea bags. If your jar doesn't come with its own keep closed, stay out mechanism otherwise known as a top then you're going to want to saran wrap the s.h.i.t. out of it to keep critters out. Find a nice sunny place - your porch, a window, fire escape YOU NAME IT and plop her there to get some sun. The sun will steep your tea slow and steady. Some people say this kind of steaping you get the most flavor out of your tea. The kicker: This could take 3-5 hours. Keep an eye on the color. When your tea has reached the color it gets when you brew it with hot water it means it's done! Voila! Then just add some ice and you're golden.

Like we said before you can brew any tea. You can even get creative and start combining flavors or adding fresh ingredients like mint or basil. nom nom nom. I highly suggest getting one of our rooibos blends and adding lemon, lavender or apple juice to it. TO DIE FOR. After you're done if you feel like you want to sweeten it you can add some honey, lemon, sugar, simple syrup, whatever floats your boat. Then just sit back and enjoy.
If sun tea isn't a method that gets you all hot and bothered and you want to do it a bit more conventionally we've got everything you need for less labor intensive iced tea experience.

Instant Gratification Tastes Good


So kick back, relax and drink some iced tea. It tastes like summer. It tastes like happiness steeped in love.  Mmmmm.


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