Peter Rabbit, as you may know, is the most famous character of the wonderful children's author Beatrix Potter.  (Whose birthday is July 28th!)  When I was a kid, there were several film adaptations of Beatrix Potter's works that I loved to watch over and over and over.  They, along with the Disney movie Dumbo and the cartoon Charlotte's Web, were a hugely formative part of my childhood.  They were instrumental in giving me a love of nature and animals that endures to this day.

Peter Rabbit was a rebel.  His mom was all, "Don't go in Mr. McGregor's garden or he will literally eat you like some sort of fairy tale monster only he's real."  But Peter was like, "Yeah, whatever!"  And he raided that garden righteously.  It was so metal.  Then he had to escape the garden when Mr. McGregor happened to see and chase him and he barely got away!  AND, having lost his waistcoat (a rabbit in a waistcoat?!) and shoes and contracted a cold from hiding in a watering can, Peter was sent to bed with no supper and just a dose of Chamomile tea.  Whew.

So yes, Peter probably could have avoided all that unpleasantness by simply listening to his mother, but sometimes you just have to let people make their own mistakes.  And eat delicious carrots.


Beatrix Potter was pretty rad too.  She was a shrewd businesswoman, patenting a Peter Rabbit doll shortly after the book became such a huge hit and buying a ton of farmland in the north of England over the course of her life (which she donated to the National Trust and later much of it became the Lake District National Park) and just generally being a boss.  Plus her name was Beatrix which rules.  So happy birthday, Beatrix!  <3!

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