Peter Rab­bit, as you may know, is the most famous char­ac­ter of the won­der­ful children’s author Beat­rix Pot­ter.  (Whose birth­day is July 28th!)  When I was a kid, there were sev­er­al film adap­ta­tions of Beat­rix Potter’s works that I loved to watch over and over and over.  They, along with the Dis­ney movie Dum­bo and the car­toon Charlotte’s Web, were a huge­ly for­ma­tive part of my child­hood.  They were instru­men­tal in giv­ing me a love of nature and ani­mals that endures to this day.

Peter Rab­bit was a rebel.  His mom was all, “Don’t go in Mr. McGregor’s gar­den or he will lit­er­al­ly eat you like some sort of fairy tale mon­ster only he’s real.”  But Peter was like, “Yeah, what­ev­er!”  And he raid­ed that gar­den right­eous­ly.  It was so met­al.  Then he had to escape the gar­den when Mr. McGre­gor hap­pened to see and chase him and he bare­ly got away!  AND, hav­ing lost his waist­coat (a rab­bit in a waist­coat?!) and shoes and con­tract­ed a cold from hid­ing in a water­ing can, Peter was sent to bed with no sup­per and just a dose of Chamomile tea. Whew.

So yes, Peter prob­a­bly could have avoid­ed all that unpleas­ant­ness by sim­ply lis­ten­ing to his moth­er, but some­times you just have to let peo­ple make their own mis­takes.  And eat deli­cious car­rots.


Beat­rix Pot­ter was pret­ty rad too.  She was a shrewd busi­ness­wom­an, patent­ing a Peter Rab­bit doll short­ly after the book became such a huge hit and buy­ing a ton of farm­land in the north of Eng­land over the course of her life (which she donat­ed to the Nation­al Trust and lat­er much of it became the Lake Dis­trict Nation­al Park) and just gen­er­al­ly being a boss.  Plus her name was Beat­rix which rules.  So hap­py birth­day, Beat­rix!  <3!

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