You know something interesting? There are no swordfights in The Count of Monte Cristo. Except one that takes place in a flashback scene. And the Count isn't even a participant!

We had a lot of fun discussing The Count of Monte Cristo at Sunday's meeting!  In addition how hard it is to pronounce French names, taking revenge on a woman as opposed to a man, and the various ways in which the novel is different (i.e. better) than the 2002 film adaptaion, we also talked about how Brittany and I are secretly the same person, and how Alex may or may not (but definitely does) think that some book club in Lawrenceville is more charming than we are! It's ok, we still love her.

As always, I left the meeting with a million more things to add to my list of books to read, but the book we're reading for our next meeting is Michael Chabon's The Yiddish Policemen's Union.  I am so excited about this because people have been recommending Chabon to me for years and I've just never made the time to try him out.  So now I will and I'll (hopefully) see what all the fuss is about.  I hope I do, because it's high time I fall in love with another author who has a bunch of books out so I can go on a reading binge.

The next meeting will take place on February 25th at 6 p.m. here at Kards Unlimited! We hope to see everybody there!

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