Get your glitter! Get your flower crowns! It's FAIRY DAY!

On this day, once every year, people young and old are encouraged to really believe in magic again! Tell stories of pixies and faeries and banshees and pooka.

real2faerieImagine that the whole world is filled with a magic that streams like glitter and sunshine. The flowers bloom because the summer faeries open them for us, and the stars twinkle because they're being tickled by pixies.

We heartily suggest that you take full advantage of this holiday. What Real1faeriebetter excuse do you have for wearing a tutu and crown in to work? And don't forget your wings. Also, a thing that everyone around you will love and appreciate is if you flit around and throw glitter everywhere. ...wait. no. don't do that one.

Happy Fairy Day everyone!

Here. Have a link to DIY fairy wings! Also DIY tutu! Please send us pictures!

So, what do you think?