Get your glit­ter! Get your flow­er crowns! It’s FAIRY DAY!

On this day, once every year, peo­ple young and old are encour­aged to real­ly believe in mag­ic again! Tell sto­ries of pix­ies and faeries and ban­shees and pooka.

real2faerieImag­ine that the whole world is filled with a mag­ic that streams like glit­ter and sun­shine. The flow­ers bloom because the sum­mer faeries open them for us, and the stars twin­kle because they’re being tick­led by pix­ies.

We hearti­ly sug­gest that you take full advan­tage of this hol­i­day. What Real1faeriebet­ter excuse do you have for wear­ing a tutu and crown in to work? And don’t for­get your wings. Also, a thing that every­one around you will love and appre­ci­ate is if you flit around and throw glit­ter every­where. …wait. no. don’t do that one.

Hap­py Fairy Day every­one!

Here. Have a link to DIY fairy wings! Also DIY tutu! Please send us pic­tures!

So, what do you think?