And on 420 many moons ago, long before any of us were born, Gaia leaned down and took our collective face in her big beautiful hands and leaned slowly toward our lips. As we parted them ready to take her into us, she blew a floral gloriously dank smoke from her mouth into ours and then smiled at us.  And as Mother Earth created the first shotgun we felt it. We got stoned off that maryjane ready to take on the world or at least watch Netflix with a bag of Chex Mix Bold by our side.The actual roots of 420 have more to do with a group of kids in San Rafael California in the 70s named the Waldos, Grateful Dead subculture and the magazine High Times BUT for the purpose of this let's stick with shotgunning mother earth origin story shall we? 

Weed, bud, marijuana, maryjane. She goes by many names but we all know her. I have a lot of thoughts and feels about this lady. We've been going steady for about a decade now and its been one of the healthiest relationships I've ever had with anybody or anything. I'm not here to clear my main girl's name though, I'm here to tell you about another way to indulge.

Wait for it. Are you ready? Weed lube.

Sometime last summer I heard about this new product in California called Foria. It was "the first marijuana infused personal lubricant designed for female pleasure". HOLD UP. I CAN GET MY PU**Y HIGH?? I watched the promo video and then needed to watch it again because it was like watching softcore porn set to a sound machine. I needed to experience this immediately but alas, I don't have a medical card nor do I live in California. My dream of getting my vahina high,  though deferred was not dead.

Like any good stoner, science lover,  lesbian or in my case all three,  my second thought was wait a sec I could probably make my own weed lube! What a great DIY rainy day weekend project!

So the adventure began. Foria is essentially coconut oil infused with cannabis. Coconut oil on its own is great for your lady pocket. It's antifungal which means it can help you fight off yeasties, its great for your skin and  even when there isn't cannabis in it, its a wonderful sexy lubricant better for you than the ones you can buy at the store full of chemicals. And it tastes good....So I started doing some research and it hit me. Anyone who does any special baking has been infusing coconut oil with cannabis since the dawn of time! I did extensive research, compared recipes for weed infused coconut oil and found there were a few main ways people do it and lots of different dosage suggestions.

On a rainy Saturday with some cheesecloth, baking twin, 1/8 of high quality bud, a cup of coconut oil and a double boiling set up I made my product. I include a recipe for you to use on your own later.

Lets skip to using it though. So weed lube is not like lube you use in the act. You put it on beforehand and like edibles it might take a while to kick in. About 30 minutes after putting some all over and in my bits I became very aware that my bits existed. It felt like my vag was turned on by itself. It felt really relaxed  and naturally lubricated and ready to go. So I took her on a solo sesh and things were good. Not blow your mind all over your face change your life good but just enhanced. My orgasm was a bit fuller and easier reached. I just felt good all around.  I tried this with my main biddy too and we agreed: good but not like the product reviews we read.

Honestly, I was cheap and I didn't use enough weed. I wanted to see if I got any results before I threw $100 worth of weed into my DIY project.  I would say to get the desired effect to use at least 1/4 of weed to every one cup of coconut oil.

I will say this though. The great thing about infusing shit tons of coconut oil with weed is if you decide it isn't for you in the sex department you can bake with it! I made some really delicious chocolate chocolate chip vegan pot cookies from the coconut oil I didn't use on my vag and they were delicious and did the trick. If you want some ideas on delicious things to cook or bake with coconut oil I know we have some not-yo-mamas recipe books at the store.

So go out and enjoy the green however you can my loves, its what Mother Nature wants you to do.


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