I think it's safe to say at this point that we've all seen Elf since it was released 10 years ago. One of my favorite scenes from the movie is the scene in where Buddy goes to work with his father (who is in denial that this man child that says he's an elf is really his biological son). When the father's office phone rings Buddy quickly reaches over the desk and his father, grabs the phone and says

Today is the one special day of the year when it's totally socially acceptable to answer your phone like this. Bonus points if it's your work phone. Double bonus points if it's your mom and she won't get the reference. Triple bonus points if you make this your voicemail greeting for a day.

Other notable Buddy the Elf moments:

Because he's always smiling, and it starts to get creepy

Upon finding a NYC coffee shop that boasts 'World's Best Cup of Coffee' in its window

Getting hit in the face with a snowball


Meeting a mall Santa

Learning to ride an escalator

Now go watch Elf and plot your phone greeting! Yay!


So, what do you think?