Of all the awesome mug shots, this one is the awesomest.

Let me just start by saying that censorship is stupid.  Censorship is advocated by idiots because they think that other people are automatically just as idiotic as they are.  I could go on, but I'm sure there are only so many synonyms for moronic that you guys are interested in.


Look at this sweet window. And that awesome sign. Dane made that.

September 22-28, 2013 is Banned Book Week, which is about taking a week out of the year to make sure people are aware of the books that dumb people are still banning and/or challenging.  Here's their website.

Here at KU, we love nothing more than doing stuff that the man thinks is wrong, so we keep abreast (ha!) of banned/challenged books and read them all the time.  Fight the power, bro!  One of my favorite lines regarding censorship is often misquoted and falsely attributed to Mark Twain.  The line most people know is "Censorship is telling a man he can't have steak because a baby can't chew it."  The actual line, from Heinlein's The Man Who Sold the Moon, reads, "The whole principle is wrong; it's like demanding that grown men live on skim milk because the baby can't eat steak."

We'll be celebrating Banned Books all week long (as well as Tolkien Week (more on that later)), so come in and rebel with us!

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