Children's books are the bomb, you guys.  Srsly.  The Bomb.  Since it's Children's Book Week (5/12-5/19), I'm gonna give you a week's worth of awesome kids' books that I love.


1.  Zen Shorts - I've mentioned Zen Shorts on the blog before, but I think it warrants a repeat because this book is fantastic.  I love Jon J Muth's illustrations because they're soft and colorful and fun and I love his writing  because he's great at being instructive but not pretentious or didactic.  Plus a book where the main character is a panda that tells zen fables is just freakin' adorable.







2. Mr. and Mrs. God in the Creation Kitchen - In addition to charmingly erratic illustrations, (that doesn't necessarily sound like a good attribute, but it so is!) this book addresses the Creation story in a simple, fun way without being offensive to either the religious or secular crowd.  It's also really funny to see the portrayal of Mr. and Mrs. God as this cute old couple who are just making the world.  It's an adorable book and a great one to read in a Scottish accent.  I hear.

i-want-my-hat-back-cover13. I Want My Hat Back - Another book that's been mentioned in the past, (by me and Brendan and probably at least a couple other people) Jon Klassen's cautionary tale about what happens when you steal from a bear is on the short list of my favorite books ever alongside such classics as Pride and PrejudiceThe Count of Monte Cristo, and The Lord of the Rings.  Klassen, to me, is like a snarky Eric Carle.  His illustrations utilize the same collage-style approach, his stories are just slightly more full of theft.  (Another great book of his is This is Not My Hat, which is similar to I Want My Hat Back in many ways.)littlepea

4. Little Pea - This may actually be the cutest book of all time.  The titular Little Pea has to eat candy for dinner and he thinks it's gross so the whole book is basically pictures of a tiny adorable pea with a face going "Blech!"  And if that doesn't convince you that you need this book, I just don't know what would.


5. The Day the Crayons Quit - We are really enamored with Oliver Jeffers at KU.  He's a fantastic illustrator and his talents greatly enhance the masterpiece that is Drew Daywalt's story.  My favorite thing about The Day the Crayons Quit, though, is that it's told as a series of letters from the crayons to the kid who uses them.  That's right, folks.  It's an epistolary children's book!  So wicked cool!


6. Caps for Sale - I had to thrown in at least one classic children's story, so I chose Caps for Sale not because it was a book I loved as a kid (though it was), but because it's one of the books my father loves to read to my niece and nephew (and, presumably he'll still love reading it to kids whenever I get around to providing him with more grandchildren.  Hopefully, anyway.) and that is incredibly cute to me.  Also the book's whole take on the 'monkey see, monkey do' adage is hysterical.


7. Dragons Love Tacos - There's a line in this book which reads, "The only thing that dragons love more than tacos and parties is taco parties!"  And that sentence, in and of itself, is nothing less that a work of art.  Dragons.  Tacos.  Parties.  What more could a kid need?

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