Here I am having Fun at Work with Filbert the Elephant. (I named him, but you can probably rename him if you buy him.  He probably won't mind.  Filbert is laid back like that.)

Here I am hav­ing Fun at Work with Fil­bert the Ele­phant. (I named him, but you can prob­a­bly rename him if you buy him. He prob­a­bly won’t mind. Fil­bert is laid back like that.)

…than lit­er­al­ly any­thing ever.

KU Book Club!  Most Fun at Work ever!

KU Book Club! Most Fun at Work ever!

So here at Kards Unlim­it­ed, we have the best job in the world.  Lit­er­al­ly every day is Fun at Work Day for us.  Our boss gives us cham­pag­ne, we play games and go to triv­ia togeth­er (that’s after work, but it’s still some­thing that makes work awe­some), and we also active­ly rec­og­nize and cel­e­brate hol­i­days like Fun at Work Day, so that should pret­ty much tell you every­thing you need to know.

In hon­or of Fun at Work Day (I was going to acronym that, but FaWD looks/sounds weird and wrong) I’m going to exam­ine sev­er­al ways/reasons work­ing at KU is fun so that my dear read­ers can iden­ti­fy and encour­age aspects of their own work­places that are also fun!

First­ly, our boss is a per­son and treats us like peo­ple.  To me this seems like an obvi­ous fac­tor of work­place fun, but I feel like there’s this stereo­type of a cor­po­rate boss as some weird robot who also thinks every­one else is a robot.  And not the fun kind of robot that helps you with your home­work, the lame kind that ruins your day and may or may not one day decide that you’re extra­ne­ous to an effi­cient envi­ron­ment and destroy you.  With lasers.  So yeah.

Me and Blair playing with Sesame Street toys because we are adults with jobs.

Me and Blair play­ing with Sesame Street toys because we are adults with jobs.

Also, I don’t know if you real­ly know this about us, but we sell fun!  More than just the actu­al prod­ucts we have, the whole envi­ron­ment of the store is fun.  We want peo­ple to have a good time shop­ping here, so we have to have a good time work­ing here.  Again, seems obvi­ous, but this one may­be doesn’t trans­late direct­ly to oth­er people’s work­places.  I mean, you don’t sell fun at a bank or at Home Depot or what­ev­er, and I get that.  Here’s the thing, though: it’s all about your mind­set.  You have to make the fun hap­pen!  You think I come in here every day and there’s just fun wait­ing for me?  Well, I mean, yes, there is.  But if there weren’t, I could make some!

The Deerstalker might be the most flattering hat I've ever tried on.

The Deer­stalk­er might be the most flat­ter­ing hat I’ve ever tried on.

Final­ly, we have per­son­al­i­ty!  Now obvi­ous­ly, every­one has a per­son­al­i­ty.  But WE have Per­son­al­i­ty.  So go to work and be you!  Let your freak flag fly!  You do you!  And oth­er pseudo-inspi­ra­tional stuff!  That’s how you have fun at work!


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