And, really, when you work at Kards Unlimited, EVERY DAY IS GEEK PRIDE DAY.  Once upon a time, I hid my enjoyment of science fiction and fantasy stories because I was embarrassed to take such pleasure in "nerdy" novels and TV shows.  (Case in point: my favorite TV show growing up was "Charmed," but whenever anyone would ask me - like in those icebreakers during the first few weeks of college - I would say it was "One Tree Hill."  Although, is that really any better?)   Today, however, you can find me happily discussing many magical and spaceshippy things with customers at our store - I AM SHOUTING MY LOVE OF GEEKDOM FROM THE ROOFTOPS!! Or at least over the interwebz.

charmed cat

Separate but related, are you watching Game of Thrones? Because you NEED to be.  This is not a request.  Anyways, I can hardly believe it now, but when that show first became popular, I hesitated to watch it.  Not because I didn't think I would like it, but because I was at the point in my life where my desire to be "mature" and "well-rounded" (and other dumb adjectives placed inside quotation marks) had started to overwhelm my appreciation for sci-fi and fantasy.  Except, LUCKILY, I was saved from such a fate.  Like that scene in pretty much every action/adventure movie ever, where the hero seems just about to die or run out of ammo/time/magical energy/etc., I was completely refueled - revived, resuscitated, REINVIGORATED - by the glory that is Game of Thrones.  I never thought I'd ever love anything as much as I love Harry Potter (and if you want to scare the crap out of yourself, try imagining a world without Potter and his pals), but Arya and Tyrion and Jon and Daenerys and ESPECIALLY Sansa Stark somehow swashbuckled their way into my heart, and are currently holding Ron and Hermione up for ransom.  (Prospects look grim.)


hello 'arry

got vs. hp

Geek Pride Day is celebrated each year on May 25th to commemorate the theatrical release of Star Wars, but it also happens to coincide with Towel Day (Thank you, Douglas Adams) and the Glorious 25th of May, which I guess is celebrated on Discworld? Not really sure on that one.  Pratchett's more of a work-in-progress for me.

The holiday seems to be celebrated mostly by small groups of friends and co-workers, although I don't think anyone would oppose the idea of mass geek riots in the streets.  Free butterbeer for all!  (Just an idea.)

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